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Design Inspiration Due Nov_07

A color wheel for blind and side-blind people

In the class we learnt the color wheel that color wheel is a basic tool to decide the color combinations.

I came across the design from Behance: a color wheel for blind and side-blind people.





Although color blinded people are not large population, they can still be capable of creating beautiful paintings (both abstract and realistic). They could still learn how to use colors correctly in an extraordinary way.

The design piece on Behance is try to help sightless people understand the relations between colors and via the objects shown from the pictures above.

The way how it works: The round blocks present warm colors, the square-cold. The higher the piece the more saturated and “strong” the color is. Pieces that are close to each other are similar. The colors of blocks that are far from each other differ a lot. The bigger the distance, the more complementary (opposite) color is.

I did some search on sightless people, and found that more than 13 million people (4.25% of the entire population in the U.S.), most of whom are male. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Clinton are both color blind (Link 1). And that color-blind people can still be a designer for colors (Link 2) using some special tools such as the Color Laboratory and a simple form.

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